Perhaps the most important part of a system is the Operating system. Windows operating system has been used  for more than a decade now. However, almost every system can get targeted by an illegal program or malware, including the Windows operating system. One of the best protection for the Windows is the Norton Setup. All you need to safeguard your Windows is to get it protected via the Norton antivirus protection. 

Why is Norton best for protecting Windows?

Norton is a device-compatible antivirus software with reliable and dependable features. It holds the following advantages for Windows:

  • Through years of delivering safety and security service to a number of brands and household PCs, it stands apart as a leader in this field. 
  • It has additional features installed in it to add to performance and the service it delivers.
  • Sophisticated protection developed and enhanced to protect the interest of the customers and offer versatility.
  • Apart from the inbuilt 100% protection against the virus, this tends to completely get the virus out of the system, is required.
  • The availability of 24*7 assistance to those who seek solutions to the problems. 
  • There is an online platform known as the Norton community where the users can participate in discussions and resolve their daily problems through the conclusions. 
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Advantages of Norton over the Windows Defender

The systems having Windows as their operating system have an inbuilt tool, know as the Microsoft Windows Defender, that is an important anti-malware component of Windows 10. Initially designed to act as a spyware, it came to be a full downloadable version later. It replaced the Microsoft Security Essentials in the Windows 8. However, both the Norton and Defender being used for protection, Norton is slightly better than the latter in following respects:

  • Norton has more in number and sophisticated features than the Defender.
  • It has been proved in the tests and certified that Norton offers comparatively best protection against malware.
  • Although Norton might require huge memory to run in the initial stages, it offers more visible impact on the system performance after the execution of the scans of the entire system.
  • The interface of Norton is user-friendly and quite simple. 

Norton can be used with the the various versions of Windows namely Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, windows 8 and Windows 10.

How to get Norton for windows?

As per the discussion made above, Norton overtakes the Microsoft Windows Defender when it comes to reliable and trustworthy protection of Windows or any other operating system against possible threats. Here is how to download and install it in any version of Windows operating system.

Windows 10

For downloading Norton in the system with windows 10 operating system. these instructions would help:

  • Sign in to Norton and go to “My Page”
  • Click on Download or “Get it from Microsoft”
  • Click on Get option
  • Enter the billing details. However, need not pay for the trial period and the subscription can be cancelled anytime. 
  • Enter the Norton email address. Create a Norton account if you don’t have one. 
  • Follow the instructions that are mentioned on the screen.
  • Remember, your trial period depends upon the region. 

Windows 8

Execute these instructions to get Norton onto your system with Windows 8:

  • Open the Windows Start menu and search for Norton.
  • Click on the Norton antivirus option 
  • Select the desired version of the Norton antivirus.
  • Look for the satellite option on the menu.
  • Drag the files that you want to scan and choose the “Scan a file” option. 
  • You could also login to the Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and other folders.

Norton can be installed in other versions of windows too. Moreover, learn about other aspects of it and get resolutions at