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For real-time online protection with the features of optimisation and performance tuning, also the availability of problem-solving tools, the newly revamped version of Norton 360 software was introduced by Symantec in 2019 as a part of the Norton Setup product. If you use the PC to save your multimedia, Tablet to do video-calls with your loved ones, Smartphone to access social media, etc., then all these proceedings can be thoroughly protected by the Norton 360 to ensure optimum privacy to your requirements.  

Norton setup

Various editions of Norton 360


Norton 360 is available under three editions as per different sets of features like Anti-Spyware, Antivirus, Malware & Ransomware protection, Password Manager, Secure VPN, PC Safecam, Parental Control and so on.

  1. Norton 360 Standard edition protects one device with the availability of PC cloud backup of 10 Gb but it lacks the parental controls.
  2. Norton 360 Deluxe edition includes 50 GB of PC cloud backup up with security to 5 PC at a time, which broadens the scope of device protection.
  3. Norton 360 Premium edition has three versions of its own, in which LifeLock Select type involves 100 Gb of PC cloud backup with 5 devices secured, LifeLock Advantage type has 10 devices protected alongside 250 Gb of PC cloud backup, LifeLock Ultimate Plus has safety available for unlimited no. of devices and 500 Gb of PC cloud backup too. all these versions also have features of Dark Web Monitoring, LifeLock Identity Alert System, and Lost Wallet Protection, Identity restoration services, etc. Although the LifeLock Identity Alert System is available for only US-based customers.

Operating Systems Requirements for installation & Norton 360 Download


1. For Windows


Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 or newer, with 32-Bit Version.
Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or newer.
Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer.
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 with all versions, although Windows 8 Start screen browsers have a non-availability of some protection features.
Microsoft Windows 10 with all versions except supporting the Edge browser.

2. For Mac

Previous three versions of Mac OS X without the Password support feature.

 3. For Android

Android 4.0.3 or newer version while installing the Google Play app is a must..

 4. For ios

It includes iOS 8 or newer version only.

Norton 360


How to download the Norton 360 suite?


Norton 360 download can be performed with the help of some easier steps. These are some of the steps that need to be executed:

  •         Uninstall the previously existing version of Norton 360 (if it exists).
  •         Use the Norton Remove and reinstall tool for this purpose
  •         Find the Norton application from the launchpad or application folder
  •         Right click on the mac icon and select Uninstall
  •         Enter the necessary details such as password and follow all the successive instructions

Once these instructions are followed, make sure that implement these ones:

  •         Visit the official website of Norton and perform the Norton 360 login
  •         Log in if your user account already exists on the system
  •         Create another account if there isn’t any
  •         On the upper-right menu, click on the “My Norton” option and then click the Download button
  •         Follow the remaining instructions and hence, the procedure of Norton 360 download are completed.

Benefits of using Norton 360


Antivirus programs have an advantage of protecting PCs and other devices that store a huge amount of our data. More or less, all the programs offer same advantages. However, despite the same functionality, something is there to distinguish between the Norton 360 and others. These are some instances of how this program is considered one of the best programs:

  •         It provides real-time online security from current and emerging viruses and malware alike.
  •         Allows a single subscription portal for protecting your digital devices of any kind.
  •         Gives cloud backup options for all kinds of data including multimedia for PC and other devices.
  •         Maintains extensive protection which isn’t available on any cracked antivirus software available for free in the online space.
  •         Protects while surfing the internet, accessing social media accounts, banking, and shopping transactions, etc.
  •         Keeps the user aware of risky apps that they are about to download with their award-winning technology.
  •         Firstly warns and if need be blocks seemingly dangerous downloads.
  •         Shows pop-up windows for certain spam folders for snooping purposes.
  •         Backs-up the special memories of the users automatically.
  •         Smooth transition from one device to the next with regards to implementing the features of the software.
  •         One-stop shop of maintaining privacy on any kind of device, and further addition of devices as per different variants of this product.
  •         With the help of this antivirus, the lost devices can be easily tracked and any malicious activity done with them can also be tracked
  •         It gives security alerts before the installation of any application in the system
  •         The users are provided protection against the various social media scams and suspicious content
  •         It automatically blocks all the unauthorized access and infected programs to get into the system via the means of the transferred files
  •         This makes the hard drive space clean and gets rid of the unnecessary files and cleans the junk, thereby enhancing the space.


Demerits of using the Norton 360 


Now, after getting insights of some really beneficial features and advantages of this program, let’s discuss some of the cons. Hence, the demerits of Norton 360 are explained in these points:

  •  During scanning, the software demands very heavy performance from the system which can be a deterrent to the quality of the device in due course.
  • If a system is already infected with malware, then the installation of this software will be affected by many issues. So a user has to purchase a separate program under the technical support system to fix that said issue.
  •  It doesn’t give certain sought after features like encryption, file shredder, hardened browser and stringent uninstallation processes.
  • Parental controls are available with only the expensive versions of this product and in most cases, is not accessible in the Mac devices
  • Cloud Backup and Safecam features are available for the devices only with the Windows operating system
  • Since this works online, you need to have an uninterrupted internet connection and before getting it to work, you need to turn on the connection
  • The various ongoing programs are subjected to vulnerability and distraction while this program scans the entire system
  • The costs of this program can be an issue as most of the other antivirus programs provide good price deals even with the Premium versions of their antivirus suites.



How to renew the Norton subscription?


The users might require to get the Norton subscription renewed due to issues in updates and the serious impact it might have on its performance to safeguard all the Pcs and devices, that are dependent upon it. Here is how you can renew your subscription:

  • If the Norton Subscription has been purchased online, updates are automatic in nature and happen the moment you uninstall and perform the Norton 360 login after you install this antivirus suite.

  • You can purchase a new subscription and hence, this is an alternative to the above-mentioned option
  • On the Norton window, click open on the option called Device Security
  • Click on Renew or activate now option
  • On seeing the expanded subscription window, click on the prompt of buying subscription
  • Sign in with you account credentials once you are prompted to do so
  • Enter the billing information and make sure you review the order carefully after placing it
  • If the purchase has been successful, then your subscription gets renewed or activated automatically
  • Here is an advantage- for every number of days remaining on the existing subscription., you get these days added to the activated or renewed subscription
  •  You can also use the Product key to activate or renew your subscription
  • Proceed with the same options on the Norton main window (Device Security) and click on Activate Now
  • Go to help and under the account information, click on the prompt demanding the Product key details
  • Enter the product key that was given to you while purchasing the current Norton subscription, that has to be activated
  • You can also use your unused license on another device to get your current subscription renewed or activated.
  • Use the Norton Removal Tool to perform quick uninstallation and reinstallation of the Norton updated version.

    Norton setup

Having such a program to protect your device against threats is great, but it is more important to keep it updated for enhanced security and safety. Resolve your queries and doubts at www.Norton.com/setup with specialized customer care and feel free to connect for guidelines that are 24*7 accessible.

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